Identifying Your “A TEAM” at Live Marketing Events


It takes a talented team to create a truly exceptional event. At Event Emporium, we have a tightknit and collaborative creative team who will plan the perfect event, but we also know how important it is to engage skilful and experienced technical and production professionals to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish, during pre-production planning, on site set up and show operation on the day.

With so many components required to build an outstanding technical and audio visual show at your event, it’s critical to cultivate the right team of trusted and knowledgeable technicians that will deliver slick results. And it helps you, the client, if you know some of the terminology and team members you’ll come across. Here’s a glossary of some of the key players we may engage to ensure a tightly produced presentation:

  • Technical Manager

Your Technical Manager is like the conductor of an orchestra, able to oversee your event with a full understanding of the grand plan. They are generally your main point of contact throughout the event, coordinating suppliers to ensure everything is set up, tested, rehearsed and operated cohesively.

Often the Technical Manager will double up as the show caller, directing the show from a central script, calling cues using headsets, communicating clearly and effectively with stage management, lighting, vision and audio.

  • Lighting Designer

Like an artist with a paint box, your Lighting Designer will bring your event to life. Beautiful lighting design delivers just the right mood at each stage of the event, from the grand entrance, to performances and video presentations, dining or networking over cocktails, to memorable moments that will catch yours guests’ attention and really give that wow factor.

After devising and designing different looks in close collaboration with our team, the lighting designer will usually operate the show, cueing their effects through a pre-programmed lighting desk.

  • Audio Engineer

Your Audio Engineer will design a sound plan, and prepare a specific equipment list based on your venue, as well as the celebrity guests, speakers and entertainment that will be performing at your event.

They will conduct sound checks and rehearsals prior to show time and then constantly monitor levels throughout the event to ensure optimum sound reproduction.

With a keen ear to detail they can give even the mildest presenter an enormous presence in the room.

  • Vision Controller

Creating a truly interactive experience, with live camera feeds (IMAG, Image Magnification), graphics and video rolls, can really take your event to the next level. Your Vision Controller is responsible for seamlessly delivering all content to the main screens, in line with the main show script.

They often act as a director for live content, calling the various camera angles such as close ups, wide angles and audience reactions, so they can be quite vocal across the headsets!

This can be a high pressure role during show time as the Vision Controller needs to keep the screen alive with content and be quick thinking with camera shots and angles.

  • Production Manager

Any team needs a strong and organised leader. The Production Manager is on site to oversee a crew of stage hands and event staff, who set up the physical elements of your event, positioning stages, building stage sets, stationing props and placing furniture.

While not responsible for the technical aspects of the event, your Production Manager will work in harmony with the Technical Manager, and will supervise any roof work with riggers, truss and on site equipment such as scissor lifts, fork lifts and boom arms.

Equipped with a fully stocked tool kit, they are ready to tackle any on site issues and always carry a spare roll of gaffer tape and a pocket full of cable ties!

We will always tailor your production team to the scope and budget of your event, so there may be variation in roles and responsibilities. Sometimes the AV operation desk (Ops Desk) will have as many as 20 technicians working together to deliver a complex show and other times you may only need 2 or 3 people to create the required effects.

No matter the size of the event it definitely pays to have a dedicated team of AV technicians and production professionals on site to make your event look and sound the best it can, and to ensure a fabulous experience for your guests.

Event Emporium