Booking The Right Comedian

Joel Creasey

Spectacular successes and cringe-worthy flops, you’ve probably seen both sides of the coin when it comes to comedians performing at corporate functions.

We pride ourselves on matching the right talent with the right event concept so the results are always hilarious (in a good way!).

We spoke to sharp witted millennial comedian of the moment, Joel Creasey. He had some great tips to share with businesses thinking of hiring a comic for their next event.

Event Emporium: What tips would you give to an event organiser trying to find the right comedian to work with?

Joel Creasey: First of all ask yourself – does the audience have a good sense of humour?

Some work places consist of a very similar age range and type of person. Take for example my sister’s office, they are a group of about 15 twenty-something marketing executives. You can probably rest assured that they’re all pretty down with most types of comedy. Chances are they’re all pretty comedy savvy, so you could take a punt on a more alternative or riskier comedian.

If you run a bigger company and you have ages ranging from 20 to 70 from all walks of life… this is a little trickier. It’s highly likely many people in they group won’t have ever seen live stand up either (watching live stand up can be quite confronting for the first time). If this is the case, it’s probably best to go with a safer comedian and maybe somebody from the TV everybody would know.

Let your staff know that they are getting a stand up comedian. Maybe send around an email with a link to some of their work, and let them know it’s just comedy and an excuse to have a good laugh. I always begin my corporate gigs by information the audience of this.

EE: Do you have any words of wisdom for businesses who are worried about hiring a comedian?

JC: Laughter is so good for you, like a protein shake or a kale smoothie. It bonds people. I always suggest to friends to go see live comedy on a first date, you can see what each other find funny. If the comedian is good you can have a good laugh about it after the gig. On the flip side, if the comedian is bad you still have a good laugh about it after the gig.

Plus people get excited when they see someone from the TV. Chances are they’re going to take photos of the comedian or want to get photos afterwards and post about the event on social media.

And it’s good to have a laugh about yourselves sometimes. You can brief the comedian beforehand on the parameters of what they can and can’t say about the company.

EE: How do you prepare for a corporate booking?

JC: I tailor my set to the demographic and type of event. Normally with a phone call a week prior so I can start getting my head around what will particularly tickle the audience. If it’s a conference spanning over a few days I’ll make sure I find out any funny stories that may have happened… and usually find out who has been up to no good.


Joel is hosting the Eurovision song contest on SBS this year, tune in to the final on May 14th and catch his sassy commentary.


Francesca Peskops