Where Artistry Meets Alchemy


You will have heard us talking about Event Emporium as a place “where artistry meets alchemy”. To us it’s more than just a tagline underneath our logo on a credentials document. We live and breath it in our brand values.

At the heart of of artistry and alchemy is the capacity to completely transform. That’s what we do at Event Emporium. We transform blank spaces into memorable events.

To help bring to life some of the ways we see alchemy and artistry coming together to create something marvellous, we would like to share three people who embody the spirit of alchemy and artistry.

Brian CoxDr Brian Cox

Who is he?

He was once an 80’s pop music icon, partly responsible for the hit “things can only get better”! This is a claim to fame we don’t hear much about anymore, now his notability lies in science. Brian Cox has an uncanny ability for making highly complex matters entertaining and easy to contemplate. As such has landed many TV hosting roles, making the sciences more accessible to the everyday viewer.

Why do we admire him?

For using his charisma to bring modern day alchemy out into the mainstream. We love someone who can distill complex matters into something that’s easily communicated.

Maya LinMaya Lin

Who is she?

An American designer and artist who is known for her work in sculpture and land art. We would consider her to be an alchemist as we do with architects, where so much considered and measured planning goes into making the final transformation.

Why do we admire her?

Her inspirational large-scale works, such as the Vietnam War Memorial, remind us how alchemy and artistry combine to create something transcending the sum of their parts.

Alchemy ProduxSarah & Tristan

Who are they?

An Australian couple who have combined their backgrounds in fashion design and chemistry to craft their handmade candles. Both the alchemy and artisty of the couple shine through in the carefully concocted mixtures, conical flasks, and the artistry in the hand pouring process.

Why do we admire them?

Another beautiful example of artistry and alchemy coming together to create something truly unique. The fusion of science and designer homewares has made for an exciting range of products appreciated by customers.

Francesca Peskops