Three Steps To Successful Creative Brainstorming + Collaboration

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We actually practice what we preach. We bring artistry and alchemy to every event we create and manage – this requires a lot of creative ideas in brainstorming sessions.

With the amount of work we have coming through our doors it’s unlikely one staff member can have all the good ideas! We share the load and all contribute through our brainstorming and collaboration sessions.

Want to know how we come up with the goods every time? Want to know how we arrive at the ideal idea? Read on…

  1. Mix it up! Using different brainstorm formats and even different spaces to get the flow going.
  1. Set clear objective and outline. The lead person for the project should ensure everyone is prepared ahead of time to get the juices flowing and know what’s expected of them. There also needs to be one decision maker who makes the call for when to move on from a line of thought. It might help to surprise participants by bring in in some props to inspire some original thinking.
  1. Everyone needs a chance to speak and listen. You can formalise this by going around the table and giving everyone a turn or giving everyone post-it notes to fill in. If the participants aren’t used to this process they might need to be told about the guidelines for creative brainstorming (not to block ideas and to be unbiased etc).

You can see more about our collaboration and brainstorming processes by viewing our Pinterest board here.

You may also want to collaborate outside of your team to really get an injection of a new perspective. Download our free booklet on collaboration to read more about the simple steps to creating successful partnerships.

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