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Slicker Than The Average: How White Label Event Apps Create Seamless Event Experiences

Monogrammed phone cases, notebooks and purses are everywhere. Consumers love customisation. White label event apps can help give our events that custom edge. Apps help us save time, improve user…

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Put your attendees in the driving seat

5 ways to put them in control and why you should do it When you invite your attendees to events do you have the idea that you’re in the driving…

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Extend the reach of your events

Event + Online Content = More Exposure

Increase exposure by improving the availability of information available pre and post event. You’re holding a lunch time event. Attendees pick up their badge at 12:00 and they leave at…

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event technology

Four Interactive Technologies Event Attendees Want To Use

Here we round up the top five uses for technologies in events, not just as a gimmick but as a matter of convenience or as a tool to engage your…

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