Slicker Than The Average: How White Label Event Apps Create Seamless Event Experiences

Event Apps

Monogrammed phone cases, notebooks and purses are everywhere. Consumers love customisation.

White label event apps can help give our events that custom edge. Apps help us save time, improve user engagement and get real-time feedback from attendees.

Event Emporium recently produced a conference for a large financial organisation where we used a white label app. We combined the power of the app with AI to talk to delegates from multiple global locations and create new opportunities for attendee engagement.

Not only does an app make it easier to run an event, it also provides improved the attendee experience. They can keep coming back to the app time after time to retrieve information. By having them come back to a premium branded platform, they will continue to experience the best bits of your event.

“It’s up to us to provide a consistent event experience from the first invitation to the posting of the final picture, a white label event app is a great tool to help us accomplish this” Francesca Peskops, Creative Director of Event Emporium.

There are a growing number of providers who will leverage pre-existing software to create an app for your event. It will look and feel like it was made for you but cost a fraction of the price, plus you will have the tech backup of the company behind the app.

So for your next event, skip the post and go strait for an app. Ditch the collateral printouts and upload your brochure to the app. We can show you how.

Francesca Peskops