Put your attendees in the driving seat

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5 ways to put them in control and why you should do it

When you invite your attendees to events do you have the idea that you’re in the driving seat and they are along for the ride? Well not in 2017, get ready to be in the passenger seat as your attendees take control of your events next year.

As an events agency who’s well renowned for our forward thinking ideas we’ve created an amazing buzzing community of other innovative marketing professionals. You can join us here if you haven’t already. We want to share our big-picture predictions for 2017 and how you can harness these ideas for your events program.

In this report we examine five ways you can benefit from audience-led event activity and creating true connections.

You can also watch our video on the benefits of face-to-face connections and why this is so key for your business.


Why would you expose your program to the unpredictability of audience-led activities? Because it gets results!

The rewards you will reap for opening up your program to interactivity are both measurable and conceptual. You can measure participation in certain events but you also can’t put a price on the enjoyment and relationship development that comes as a result.

When we talk about putting the audience in the driving seat we mean any activity where their contribution is key to the event element. Anything from asking for audience questions, polling, photos and user generated content.

There is no better way to engage your audience than to trust them with their contributions to the event. Stripping back the barriers and being transparent with them can drastically improve trust and build relationships.

You may also be surprised with the rich content you get as a result. A #nofilter approach to taking Q&As for example can be incredibly useful to crafting the next event topic or valuable follow up information.

3In events of all different scales and sizes there’s no one-size fits all approach. We do advise testing your interactive approach and engaging some keen attendees ahead of time. Sometimes you need an ‘early adopter’ to start the participation so they other attendees feel more comfortable joining in.

We love creating a bespoke event for our audience as they use their preferences to create their own experience. An example of this is attendees taking a masterclass in blending their own gin, then sipping on their creation throughout the event.

Every event has an element that can be tinkered with to become more interactive, we hope you will embrace some of these ideas for your next conference, reception, tradeshow, gala dinner or brand event.

In our experience, this approach to interactive events isn’t always well received by the management team. Sometimes business leaders fear the exposure to negative feedback as well as positive. In this instance you can always suggest a moderated element, where there are checks and balances in place before audience content is accepted and displayed.


Connecting with your audience is what marketing is all about. We are now witnessing a backlash to the digital era of networking online and businesses are turning to their tried and trusted offline event activities to generate press, good will, and sales.

With so much clutter in the inbox your attendees need events to cut through the spam and interact with your business. This might be physically handing over a business card or talking through a product demonstration. We are going to encourage you to take these interactions to the next level but involving your audience in your events.5

Using technology at events isn’t a gimmick, it’s a hugely convenient and effective tool to engage your audience.

We are always pushing the boundaries with our use of technology and are so excited about all the amazing options out there. We’ve seen a huge increase in audiences wanting to get involved with these interactive technologies this year.

tech1. Large scale digital displays with all the capabilities of a computer

This could be used for so many things, from ordering their meals to interacting with a microsite or participating in a competition.

2. E-paper ticketing system + watch

Again, so many uses! Give your conference attendees this ticket with instructions about the various breakout groups, They can tear off the disposable watch so they stay on time.

3.Live language translation

The ultimate engagement is surely when the audience knows what the speaker is saying! This app/earpiece combo translates live.

4: Socially connected interactive mirror

Participants at the Vivid festival in Sydney this year were able to use this virtual career mirror to imagine what they looks like in various uniforms. They could then snap a picture and share it on their social channels immediately. See the video here.


Who knows what tomorrow will bring in this fast-paced space. We keep you up to date on the latest and greatest news on our blog, sign up here!

Francesca Peskops