A Modern Fairytale: The Most Irresistible Pre-event Hooks


If, like the rest of us, you don’t have access to the HRH’s for your event pre-promotion we have some ideas for how to make sure your event sells out and your RSVP’s show up.

The key to improving the attendance rate and achieving attendee engagement akin to that of the Inviticus Games is in the creation of an irresistible pre-event hook, one that creates buzz and establishes an authentic connection with attendees.

Here’s how:


Make it easy for your audience to interact with you prior to the event. Are your attendees on Facebook? Instagram? Have they signed up to your event app? Meet them where they are and make it simple. Give them all the information they need to know but also gradually help them build up their internal rationalisation for why this event is a must-do.

Motivate them based on what matters most to them, will they learn something their colleagues wish they had access to? Will they connect with like-minded people with the potential to alter their career path or life? Will this event be the thing everyone is talking about a week/month/year from now? Will this look good on their


Technology has made mass personalisation possible and now it’s taken for granted by attendees. In general the rule is that the more you can customise, the better. What can you find out about your audience before the event to further draw them in and promise custom experiences on the day of the event? Can they participate in an online quiz which will establish their ideal flavor profile, leading to a custom cocktail mixed just for them at the event? Now that’s a promise of a unique experience.


Get your audience invested emotionally early on in the process. Draw them in to your event by telling a powerful story, appeal to their emotions and get them to feel something. With all the algorithm driven marketing out there in the world, attendees will be delighted with this approach.

How we do it

Event Emporium pulled off multiple pre-event hooks for a flagship Australian restaurant awards ceremony recently. Firstly, we used a venue which had never before been open to events and attendees were keen to be the first to get access. We also teased the guests by releasing the award categories but not the finalists, they would have to find out who was up for nomination on the night. An extra element of excitement was added by holding a chef cook-off at the event, our audience was very intrigued to see the special dishes they had in store.

The Hot 50 Restaurant Awards

The Hot 50 Awards were the first event to be held in this exciting new Sydney venue.

By truly engaging your audience on multiple levels prior to the event, you are setting yourself up for success. You are also ensuring a better end-to-end experience for attendees. If you can do this, you will have loyal attendees who give rave reviews and will snap up the opportunity to attend your next event.

Francesca Peskops