What Does Modern Day Alchemy Look Like?


Where Artistry Meets Alchemy

We have recently revealed our new branding and want to share why this statement encapsulates our approach to event creation and management.

When someone thinks of alchemists most people get images of renaissance guys with beards springing into their mind. Or they think of loony scientists trying to turn everyday objects into solid gold.

When you dig a little deeper you find out some truly fascinating information about the origins of alchemy. Did you know Sir Isaac Newton is one of the worlds most celebrated alchemists? Early alchemists played a role in modern chemistry and medicine was well as belief in the esoteric spiritual aspects of alchemy.

At Event Emporium we take alchemy to stand for the science of crafting an event. After you have the big idea there are a lot of practicalities to manage for an event, being a miracle worker is also often required! Our ability to transform the shape or feeling of something surely qualifies us as modern day alchemists?

We take it as part of our day job to turn empty rooms into amazing event spaces. We create something truly extraordinary out of nothing, these are a lot of moving parts to an event and the alchemy is the ability to bring the creative and the practical together.

Does your next event need a bit of a magical touch? Get in touch!


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