Event + Online Content = More Exposure

Extend the reach of your events

Increase exposure by improving the availability of information available pre and post event.

You’re holding a lunch time event. Attendees pick up their badge at 12:00 and they leave at 1:30. Then they get on with their lives and you get on with yours, right? Wrong!

In this golden age of connectivity the event actually lasts much longer than the time the attendees are in the room. The event begins when you send out the first invite and ends when you send the final lead nurturing email, make the final follow up phone call, or like the final Facebook post.

Every interaction you have with your audience is part of the event as it imprints your brand, and gives you opportunities to disseminate information. You might choose any number of combinations of using the following methods to extend your event, each occasion will call for a different mix.

#1 Digital Briefcase

You are able to store documents (videos, PDFs, photos, presentations) in a secure app. The app can be completely customised for your company to reflect your branding or the theme of the event.

Pre-event: You can introduce content prior to the event, in some cases pre-reading may be useful. Images and videos in the briefcase can impress your audience and build anticipation for the event. The briefcase may also serve as background research for attendees, to look up the speakers bios or session times.

Post event: Materials in the briefcase can be available as reference materials and PowerPoint documents made available after the presentations. It may also be relevant to record the event and allow attendees to view and share the video.

#2 Webcasting Recorded Presentations

There are many webcasting tools available to now deliver pre-recorded presentations and allow you to hold live Q&A.

As a side note- webcasting also allows you to earn revenue though using the surrounding screen area to display advertising from sponsors.

Pre-event: If attendees know there will be a video available after the event they will be able to relax and interact as opposed to taking down detailed notes.

Post-event: Recording presentations and allowing them to be available online can boost retention of information and brand reinforcement. The impact of your event may also be extended as people who weren’t able to make the event can still experience the highlights. It also allows attendees to share the video with colleagues.

#3 Social Media

This is virtually non-negotiable. Attendees expect to hear about the lead up to an event on social media, they also evaluate the success of many events by the ‘buzz’ created online afterwards.

Pre-event: Leading up to the event Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can be vital in getting attendees excited about the event. You may need to use these channels to reach new audiences and improve your attendee number. You may only want to use these channels to give attendees a sneak peek to build anticipation.

Post-event: Social sharing of content from the event will impact on audience sentiment, it will also be a no-filter barometer of whether attendees felt the event was a success. If success is on your side you will garn the best marketing of all time… word of mouth. If not; it’s best to go into damage control and respond to attendees concerns and monitor shared media closely!

Francesca Peskops