It’s All About The Immersive Experience


To maximise your event engagement and amplify your marketing results in 2019 you can’t go past creating an immersive experience for your attendees.

Why Immersive?

Multi Sensory events are very effective for creating an emotional connection with your brand. However, if your event needs to convert an audience to advocacy or enhanced consideration for your product they must have a physical experience of your brand or product promise at your event.

Francesca Peskops, Creative Director of Event Emporium, recently showcased a physical experience of our Event Emporium brand for clients in collaboration with our three top event partners – Influential Women in Events & Marketing, AV1 and Beta Bar.

A fantastic line up of event industry panelists

A fantastic line up of event industry panelists

We immersed our audience through a food tech collaboration of projection mapped seafood and vegan buffet displays. Francesca presented our latest ideas in front of eight portrait LED screens which brought her ideas to life and involved the audience so they felt immersed in every detail of the story –you could feel the energy reverberating between presenter and audience.

Projection mapping enhancing the delicious seafood on offer

Projection mapping enhancing the delicious seafood on offer


Francesca’s keynote revealed the two key elements of creating an immersive event include:

Storytelling– a good narrative punctuated with detail, detail, detail keeps an audience focused throughout the event journey.

Lose Yourself– The narrative must build throughout the event by creating an ongoing series of clues or touch points to keep the audience in suspense. It’s key to provide a goal so the audience can choose how emotionally invested to become in the story. The ultimate aim is to have the audience willing to lose themselves in the plot to reap the benefits of a meaningful experience.

Francesca shared two amazing examples of storytelling and audience involvement:

Bleed for the Throne by Giant Spoon was created for SXSW Festival 2019 in Austin Texas – Hot off the press

The objective of this event was to generate viral social media around the final season launch for Game of Thrones 2019. The premise of the experience was that the TV show GOT is all about sacrifice and devotion therefore the SXSW activation aligned with that narrative by partnering with The Red Cross. In order to participate in the activation, fans were encouraged to donate blood as a rite of passage. Then fans were allowed to enter in to the fantasy world and share their joy… Now that’s immersing themselves in the experience.

Global Sales Conference by Event Emporium, September 2018

The objective of this event was to empower the global sales team to face the new wave of disruption about to emerge in the market. The premise of the experience we created was to disrupt the conference format and surpass all expectations. Event Emporium flipped the script and made the audience the stars, encouraging them to get involved in unexpected activities… with such a competitive crowd most jumped in to this new world with a passion and lost themselves for the day.

The more times you can get an audience to lose themselves in your brand experience the more enhanced their consideration for your offer. Immerse your attendees in a new strategy, a new product or a new relationship.

Immersive is where it’s at in 2019.

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Francesca Peskops