Here’s How Your Events Can Cut Through Social Media Noise


Holding a social media friendly event is no longer the silver bullet it used to be. Every event is now created with social content in mind.




But if you’re focus is only on getting your event hashtag trending on the socials you’re missing a huge opportunity to create lasting brand connections which is the key advantage of hosting live events.  Here at Event Emporium we focus on creating such a lasting impression on guests that they recall your brand within its category forever more with the same affinity and warmth that was created in that hour or two they spent with your brand face to face.


Here are our top three pointers for ensuring your event’s R.O.I extends beyond the life of your Instagram Stories:


  1. Focus Their Attention: Direct your Events Agency to channel your guests’ focus for a change. Do this by creating environments so stimulating that they dare not look away. A secret weapon at conferences is lots of audience interaction from the stage ie the audience could miss out or be unaware when called on if they are not paying attention OR often we plan in lots of surprises along an event journey this always keeps the audience’s attention in the moment. qantas


  1. Create Memories:  Direct your Events Agency to create opportunities for out of the ordinary experiences that connects your guests with your brand on a level that social media can’t. During sensory experiences, the brain is triggered to lock that experience away packaged up with the emotions felt during that experience so that when that guest is faced with a future buying decision their first recall is of that brand or product they had a great personal experience with which is a much stronger pull than a nice image on Instagram.  HULA PORSCHE50THBIRTHDAY-425


  1.  In the moment of meeting people during an amazing experience, both new and existing relationships will take on a more meaningful and lasting connection. A social media connection is great but a desire to act is heightened when personal relationships are established.Including the bricks in the dinner service


To cut through social scrolling you need to grab their attention, create a memory worthy experience and establish a new basis for personal connections. That’s how experiential events cut through the noise on social media and add value to your brand.  Ensure your Events Agency has included all 3 elements in your event design and watch your ROI increase!

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Francesca Peskops