Four Interactive Technologies Event Attendees Want To Use

event technology

Here we round up the top five uses for technologies in events, not just as a gimmick but as a matter of convenience or as a tool to engage your audience.

We are always pushing the boundaries with our use of technology and are so excited about all the amazing options out there these days. We still love to use commonplace technology like live polling, but new tech like this has our imagination ticking over!

  1. Interactive technology for eventsLarge scale digital displays with all the capabilities of a computer

This could be used for so many things, from ordering their meals to interacting with a microsite or participating in a competition.

  1. E-paper ticketing system + watch

Again, so many uses! Give your conference attendees this ticket with instructions about the various breakout groups, They can tear off the disposable watch so they stay on time.

  1. Live language translation

The ultimate engagement is surely when the audience knows what the speaker is saying! This app/earpiece combo translates live.

  1. Socially connected interactive mirror

Participants at the Vivid festival in Sydney this year were able to use this virtual career mirror to imagine what they looks like in various uniforms. They could then snap a picture and share it on their social channels immediately. See the video here:


These technologies are the latest and greatest in impressing your audience today but who knows what tomorrow will bring in this fast-paced space. Keep checking back to our blog to see what’s new and what we would love to implement at our next events.

Francesca Peskops