Four Essentials For Winter Events


Embrace the fact it’s a bit chilly, you can create an atmosphere for the events you work on this winter. We don’t get much of a winter here in Australia so it’s nice to embrace it and enjoy it!

#1 Create A Stylish Setting

Create an atmosphere with wooly blankets, warming mulled wine and fire pits. It’s a great opportunity to serve comfort food like fish and chips, roast beef, sticky date pudding and toasted marshmallows!

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#2 Heating 

The number one consideration, if your guests aren’t comfortable they will not have a good time. There are fantastic outdoor heating options available from patio heaters, to heating strips and fire pits.

Our advice is to overdo it on the heating and you can always tone it down.

Safety considerations are really important when choosing your heating method.

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#3 Have A Plan B

This goes without saying for an outdoor event any time of the year. In winter you want to have somewhere to shelter from a chilly wind or a torrential downpour.

#4 Accessible Parking

In Sydney this is what attendees expect, and it will reflect not he success of the event. Ensure there’s somewhere to park reasonably close, even offer discount vouchers if appropriate.

When we plan events we are always thinking of a unique spin can we put on the occasion. Having an event in cooler weather is no obstacle! Just another opportunity for us to use our imagination.

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