Five Minutes With Michelle Duval

personality and responsibility

Here at Event Emporium we believe there are many different personality traits that set up individuals for success in different areas of event management. Often event professionals will also move through different roles depending on their stage of life.

We recently sat down with Michelle Duval to discuss these shifting elements of a career in events. Michelle is a coaching powerhouse at the top of her game in Australia and had some great insights to share!


Can you please tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a professional coach, researcher and speaker. I specialise in helping creative artists such as writers, producers, investors and entrepreneurs to realise and commercialise their ideas and creativity.


In the events industry people often try many different roles to see which fits them best at different points in their career. What’s your view on changing job to find something that better suit your life outside of work?

The era of career schizophrenia is over. People can no longer comfortably suit or heel up to come to work and park ‘themselves’ at the door.

It is essential that there is alignment between a persons talents, their values and aspirations. Without alignment where we can be ourselves at work, a person will be restless, unmotivated or worse, become sick.

Humans want to be doing meaningful work that they feel they make a difference in. From making cakes that put a smile on people’s faces, to solving customer issues, to inventing the next technology that will positively change the way humans behave. We need to know that what we do contributes.

Science now measures the impact of doing work that you do not enjoy and it has negative impacts on health.


What are the things we should look out for that indicate it’s time to try something new?

When you stop caring about the work you do, or the people you are working with this, this is a sign that you may need to do something new. It does not mean you need to change companies or even the job, you may need to grow and evolve the role to the next level. If you find it hard to get out of bed to face your day, you may need to address any values conflicts that you are having at work and if you still feel this way, it is time to look for the next opportunity.


How much of your work persona is ‘set in stone’ and how much can professional development help your grow in to a role?

Nothing is set in stone, only our beliefs if we do not challenge them. If you believe you have to work in a certain way and your career must look a certain way, well then it will. Interestingly, we all have talents but it does not mean we enjoy doing that thing. For example, just because you are good at crunching numbers does not mean you love working with numbers. Therefore talents, are one thing, but finding what you love to do and what fulfils you is another. Professional development, especially coaching can help you explore those aspects of yourself and with mindfulness explore a path that fulfils you and also will pay the bills.


You can find out more about Michelle and her work here.

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