Female Entrepreneurs In Events

female entrepreneur week

Earlier this month we joined Tank Stream Labs in celebration of entrepreneurs at Female Entrepreneur Week.

The events industry is renowned as a female-friendly environment; we have above average representation of female employers and employees.

The global and local stats surrounding diversity in the wider startup ecosystem remains poor, with the 2016 Startup Muster report showing 23.5% of founders are female.

There’s also a lack of young women interested in taking an entrepreneurial career path. The Australian Institute of Family Studies released its study of the career aspirations of 3378 young Australians. The results indicate only 1.2% of respondents would consider becoming a business professional or entrepreneur.

We spoke to one of our co-founders, Francesca Peskops, to discuss the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

Q: How long would you say you’ve been an ’entrepreneur’ for?

A: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, always challenging the status quo (my poor parents) and thinking up creative solutions to problems. I mastered the art of ‘pitching’ early as I hustled to get more babysitting work than my classmates in our neighbourhood. I have been my own boss for a little over eleven years now and have developed my entrepreneurial qualities over this time.

Q: Over the years have you noticed any changes in the business owner community?

A: Yes, with the tech and digital assistance available has lowered the barrier to entry. People can set up a crowd funding page to get started, they can connect with potential co-founders on LinkedIn.

Q: Do female entrepreneurs have to do anything differently to their male counterparts?

A: It’s still the case where a majority for the childcare falls to women so they look for flexible work arrangements to work around the commitment. That’s why we will continue to see an increase in female entrepreneurs. Women can’t find the roles they want… so they are creating them from scratch.

Q: What’s your advice for young women wanting to make their mark in the business world?

A: Find a great mentor who will be around for the long haul, this will make for an invaluable development opportunity as your business grows.

For some additional inspiration check out the list of the top 30 female entrepreneurs in Australia for 2017.

Francesca Peskops