Blowing Your Advocacy Events Out Of The Water By Deploying Experience And Education


Advocacy events have changed. Instead of corralling potential brand advocates in to a room and reeling off product highlights, we are flipping the script.

The focus is now on getting advocates to promote brands by truly understanding what they offer, not just what’s on the latest product spec sheet but the essence of the brand and the journey they are taking to serve their customers. We’ve seen solid results come out of this approach to advocacy events and here’s how we did it…

  1. We leveraged in-person events to tell a brand story, turning customers in to advocates who will in turn talk about the brand to their networks, extending brand reach.
  1. We gave attendees something new to talk about. You can’t expect your attendees to create hype around a brand if you’re not showing them something worth noticing. We gave them a moment worth spreading the news about, something they can authentically connect with and share.
  1. We created a sensory explosion that fosters better memory of the event.

An example of Event Emporium delivering on these elements was the experience we created for Business Events Australia.

This event’s aim was to elevate the uniqueness of Australian business events in the mind of New Zealand customers, to ignite brand preference and drive advocacy. To achieve this we recreated three existing public events in Australia which business events agencies in New Zealand can leverage for their own clients. We took the agents on a journey to physically experience a highlight, show stopping moment of each attraction to create another reason for these customers to align with Business Events Australia brand promise – There is nothing like Australia for business events.

Our 3 key moments included Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour, the Australian Open Tennis Finals, and the Field of Light Installation at Uluru, Ayers Rock.

26-7 Singing for Australia, Rhonda Birchmore.

An Aria from Opera Australia

The key to the success of this event was audience immersion, amplifying the impact of experiencing live events personally. These are events people can only experience in Australia, this deepened the agents emotional connection with brand Australia.

Both brands and attendees benefit from this approach and its improved lasting impact. We’re sold, how about you?

Francesca Peskops