How to Design A Successful Sales Kick Off

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Talking with a Sales Director recently he said something really interesting to me…he said I can do my job so well but when it comes to events I am lost! I get so anxious worrying about if the team will think ‘that was such a good use of my time!’ as the last thing he wants is to look disconnected from them on a big stage.

Here is our solution to stop the worry for any budget:

  • Inspire them by leveraging what already inspires them…

So many events don’t end up hitting the mark because they are themed around what you think inspires your audience instead of finding out what really inspires them. Millennials for example are inspired by very different motivations than older generations hence it is key to perhaps research your team’s key motivations to leverage during the event. Research has shown that millennials, aged up to 39, are inspired by new experiences over materialism and are highly values based. A key value for millennials is Corporate Social Responsibility so if you can provide a new experience based around their common loves of music, food, travel and tech and that is sustainable at its core, they will be inspired!

Beyond The Boardroom Oz Harvest CSR Team Building Challenge

Beyond The Boardroom & Oz Harvest CSR Team Building Challenge

  • Get them engaged physically…

Whenever you can raise an audience’s energy with a physical activity you change their emotional state. When the exercise hormones kick in there is a huge uplift of positivity in the room as blood travels to all cells in the body. The audience feels that internally and they usually remember it for a long time. They can reference that feeling later on when times get tough and reach for that feeling again which is a huge boost to help sales people achieve targets. You could create a festival style feel to one portion of the conference and facilitate the sales team to build something, design something or perform something. Allowing them choice is key to capturing and holding their attention.

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  • Facilitate learning that will help their personal potential…

Formal sales training is important and has a place in a sales team’s success however the annual kick off conference is perhaps not the time for more training on organisational systems and procedures. Sales teams however do love and appreciate opportunities to learn skills that will help their future career possibilities, hopefully within your organisation, so it is a good time to introduce fun workshops that foster inter-personal skills like collaboration, communication, conflict or confidence skills ie skills they can take anywhere that will serve them well in their future. If you can make it fun and social media worthy too then you will have a great outcome.

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A recent Global Sales Kick Off we produced was reported as “the BEST Sales Kick Off ever” because we followed our own rules. We designed the event to include constant physical engagement through dancing, doing the wave, answering fun personal questions and performing their favourite songs on stage in a Lip Sync Battle. Energy remained high all day and engagement was constantly evoked resulting in high uptake of content messaging and positive feedback to strategic changes.

Our recommendation is to ask your Events Agency to do some research within your sales team to find out What inspires them? How they are feeling? Alignment with strategy? With these insights they can design a program to ensure maximum engagement throughout the team that will last and sustain forthcoming sales pressure.

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Francesca Peskops