Deliver An Event With Sky High ROI Every Time


Every client wants amazing ROI and to extract as much as possible out of their events, we make this happen by infusing every guest interaction with branded and experiential elements. Trust us, this does wonders for ROI.

We pride ourselves on ensuring the attendees experience is firmly tied to a memorable walk-away message. Over the years we have coached our clients to create and spot markers for success, so our events can be better measured and qualified.

“We always come back to how we can create touch points around our clients key messages” says Francesca Peskops, Co-founder of Event Emporium. “By building the interactive elements of the event around the key messages, we ensure ROI skyrockets every time”.

The Google Fun House

The Google Fun House

One of the best large-scale international case studies we’ve seen was the Google Assistant experience at SXSW. It was a living breathing product benefits statement. Google showed attendees exactly what their new AI platform was capable of and left no doubt as to the real life applications, from laundry-folding robots to voice activated sprinklers and blinds. Not only did attendees have the ‘fun house’ experience Google promised but they left the event with a thorough understanding of what the platform was capable of.


Nespresso Staff Training Experience

On a local-level Event Emporium recently gave Sydney Nespresso staff the Google-esque experience for their latest Vertuo staff training day. Every attendee had a memorable hands-on interaction with the new coffee range, experiencing a doughnut flavour to match the new coffee range and interaction with the flavour science laboratory. The team were encouraged to interact with the science lab, this installation reinforced the major scientific research that took place to reinvent the way the new machine works.

A VR lounge was also set up to allow staff to fully immerse themselves in the origins of coffee. Attendees left with an in-depth understanding of the flavor profile of the new range and as a result were better able to communicate those features and benefits to their stakeholders. They also had a delicious experience, filled with team bonding as well as learning moments.

Staff members enjoying the VR experience

Staff members enjoying the VR experience

At Event Emporium we believe in pushing the boundaries of every brief we receive, ensuring the client gets the most out of their interaction with attendees. The success of maximising your events ROI lies in the whole team nailing the key messages and bringing them to life.