How to create a stunning multi sensory event


We create immersive environments for our attendees. Not only so they feel the joy of being totally enveloped by the experience, but such strong emotions create strong memory recall of the event and wire in to the brain strong positive feelings about the brand or product that last a lifetime.

The impact of a brand increases by 30% when more than one sense is engaged and increases by 70% when three senses are integrated into the brand message, according to research by leading brand consultant Martin Lindstrom, therefore every event is an opportunity to create brand impact.  We tap in to the human emotions by appealing to the senses, keeping the attendees experience at the heart of the event. Multi sensory events harness the power of combining sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Over the years we have created many sensory activations and appealed to the senses through well-crafted event production.

Here are some of our favourites:


Engaging your attendees sense of sight is probably something you already do with staging, lighting, styling and graphics being the obvious culprits.

At a recent launch for Taubmans Tough & Beautiful Endure paint range we pushed the envelope and bought sight stimulation off the stage and in to the audience. A ballerina and boxer performed during the event, weaving through guests and creating close-up encounters to remember.

QLED table


Using sound to stimulate your attendees senses is often achieved by employing the use of well executed audio and music.

The Samsung QLED TV launch truly tickled the sense of sound with a menu designed to recreate certain sounds in your mouth.



Connecting with your attendees through touch requires interaction; think polls, apps, activities and tactile styling elements.

Our calligraphy lessons at a recent device launch ensured the products features were fully showcased while also giving hands-on experience for the guests.



We always say to use food and beverage to show you really care about your guests experience.

At our Nespresso Vertuo event we installed a dramatic wall of beautiful donuts, decorated and flavoured to compliment the new coffee range flavours.


Creating positive scent memories can be achieved through floral arrangements, spices and scented styling elements.

Our Australian Chamber Orchestra event echoed the sounds of the performance with a room full of heavenly scented over-sized floral arrangements.


We help our clients achieve their best results by actively engaging with the senses and creating lasting memories. Multi sensory events are truly the best opportunity for attendees to learn, understand and remember the occasion.