Considering outsourcing your to-do list?


Are you a super human who can get every item on you to-do list done every week? Don’t worry we aren’t either. We are toying with outsourcing some of our tasks to a concierge service….

“Time-poor professionals are looking for more and more help with their lifestyle management” says Mandi Ford, Director of Essential Solutions, “ we work with individuals, single parents, families, working couples, busy executives, entrepreneurs and businesses.”

Mandi and her team of Lifestyle Managers organise anything from moving house to planning a holiday, she has seen a rise in professionals turning to her services to reduce the pressures of balancing life, work and family.

Mandi also points out how having a Lifestyle Manager can have benefits within the workplace. “You can’t measure the emotional and mental benefits of outsourcing, but there a definite financial benefits. Not having to think about these menial tasks can be quite liberating and help you to not only give you more time in your day but give you the aptitude to focus on your business goals”.

Services like this certainly have us pondering the benefits of someone else managing the boring bits of life, like finding a cleaner, a bookkeeper or replacing a washing machine.

“Life is jam packed and it’s really to spend time with loved ones or time doing things you want to do; rather than the never ending tasks on your to do list.” Mandi tells us.

As event managers we are well versed in businesses outsourcing their important audience engagements to us. Many of us here at Event Emporium are certainly keen to see how a concierge would help us to become more efficient on a personal level!

Francesca Peskops