Common Event Management Mistakes You Can Learn From


This month we celebrated our ten year anniversary! Along the way we’ve had so many highlights but also made a few cringe worthy  mistakes.

Seeing as mistakes are the best way to learn we thought we would share a list of four common mistakes event managers make. So hopefully you can learn from our mistakes and we can save you the hassle of learning the hard way….

Mistake #1: Not doing your background research.The best defence is a good offence. You need to get on the front foot by knowing your client, their product and their end user inside out. Some seemingly insignificant detail of the event will stand out like a sore thumb to certain demographics. Tiny mirrors in the bathroom at a beauty magazine launch? Not worth it.

Mistake #2: Thinking you’ve got a creative block on a new pitch, so turning to Google for inspiration.  You just need to get your creative juices flowing again (from an original place). We recommend thinking of the OPPOSITE of what the client would want to do. Then think about the exact flip side of those ideas and before you know it your having a little brainstorm.

Mistake #3: Not having backup systems in place. If it can go wrong it might go wrong. So make a plan just in case. What’s the wet weather plan? What if the client adds 20 new names to the guest list at the last minute?

Mistake #4: Trying to rescue an idea that can’t be fixed.The inclination to keep after an idea you fell in love with is strong, don’t worry about it. Some things just won’t fly. It might be that there are no suppliers available or might be client push back. Just move on and don’t try to patch together a sub-par solution with make-do resources or cranky clients.

We might feel like after ten years we are masters of our craft but one thing is certain – no one ever stops learning.

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