Christmas Event Trends

Christmas tree cupcake

Has the Christmas spirit gone from corporate Australia?

With the GFC and changes to the tax legislation, it appeared many corporations stopped spending big on lavish end of year celebrations.

However, the importance of corporate Christmas parties hasn’t diminished and thankfully companies are recognising more and more the need to boost moral, inspire and celebrate the holiday season with peers…but in innovative and often resourceful ways.

So what are the current trends?

  1. Catering your event around an activity
    Often companies will host a team building or Personal development style activity ensuring costs can be assigned to internal training budgets. Organisations may choose to presenting a new initiative or goal for the year to come in a clever way or entertaining way. Ideas include a trivia or game show, sailing regatta or cooking class to prepare their meal. Anything that encourages teamwork.
  1. Offering roving or fixed experiences as part an event
    Custom photo booths or a video booth where guests get to be included in a video that is edited and distributed as a memento are popular.
  1. Casualisation of Menus
    With a generation that did not grow up always eating at the table, the mobile style of eating is extremely popular. Think alternate version of the comfort classics. Pulled pork burgers, unique ice cream flavours such as Honey Jalapeno, modern takes on Mexican food, all invigorated by the use of fresh local produce and served from food carts or even food trucks for the real street feel.
  1. Playing Dress Up
    Let your peers express themselves with themed costume event. Many of our clients have enjoyed the challenge, with employees forming teams that are enthusiastically competitive. Now the win for companies is less spend on styling and thematic decorations. Some of our favourites that really get people in the spirit of things include school reunion, stars of theatre / musicals, graffiti street party and of course decade parties such as the 80’s are easy for people to join in.
  1. Taking it outdoors
    Family picnics are a popular way to give back to not only the employee but include their family. From carnival rides to petting zoos and of course a visit from Santa; the company knows their Christmas cheer extends beyond.
  1. Goodwill to all
    Most large organisations support a charity and often Christmas is a time to highlight a good cause. As part of the celebration guests may have the opportunity to donate a gift or money to a good cause. Often the company will match the donation leaving employees feeling more connected to each other.

Whatever activity you choose ensure you provide an atmosphere where guest feel involved, relaxed and appreciated. With proper planning your festive celebrations will be long remembered.

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