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5 Minutes with Sharm at Ovations Speaker Bureau

Sharm at Ovations is a very familiar name in the Australian events industry. We love working with Sharm as she gives us a clear point of view on what speakers…

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Here’s How Your Events Can Cut Through Social Media Noise

Holding a social media friendly event is no longer the silver bullet it used to be. Every event is now created with social content in mind.     But if…

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How To Get Buy-In From Upper Management

It’s totally deflating to pitch your creative idea for the next event to upper management and get a flat NO! You were so sure this was the right idea and…

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How to Design A Successful Sales Kick Off

Talking with a Sales Director recently he said something really interesting to me…he said I can do my job so well but when it comes to events I am lost!…

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Four Essentials For Winter Events

Embrace the fact it’s a bit chilly, you can create an atmosphere for the events you work on this winter. We don’t get much of a winter here in Australia…

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5 Ways To Put Your Attendees In The Driving Seat

… and why you should do it! When you invite your attendees to events do you think you’re driving and they’re along for the ride? Well not in 2017, get ready to…

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