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AOL Block Party

Event Marketing: What B2Bs Should Steal From B2Cs

Our Event Emporium co-founders went to the incredible Experiential Marketing Summit in Chicago and they bought back some real treats and forecasts for the future of event marketing. You will…

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Joel Creasey

Booking The Right Comedian

Spectacular successes and cringe-worthy flops, you’ve probably seen both sides of the coin when it comes to comedians performing at corporate functions. We pride ourselves on matching the right talent…

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personality and responsibility

Five Minutes With Michelle Duval

Here at Event Emporium we believe there are many different personality traits that set up individuals for success in different areas of event management. Often event professionals will also move…

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events under pressure

Apply Pressure Here

You’ve heard it before, diamonds are rocks put under pressure. That is often how the creative process works, the most incredible events are created under the pressure of deadlines and…

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Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 3.30.44 pm

Put your attendees in the driving seat

5 ways to put them in control and why you should do it When you invite your attendees to events do you have the idea that you’re in the driving…

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Event Apps

Social Media Cheat Sheet

We often get asked to manage the social media for our clients events. View our cheat sheet to make the most of your social media channels for every event. You will…

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know your audience

Getting to know your audience

Do you have the responsibility to ensure a keynote speech goes well, even though you’re not actually the presenter? One of the best ways to ensure a presentation is well…

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Extend the reach of your events

Event + Online Content = More Exposure

Increase exposure by improving the availability of information available pre and post event. You’re holding a lunch time event. Attendees pick up their badge at 12:00 and they leave at…

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How to manage your event stress mess

Being an event manager is acknowledged to be a very stressful job. We want to share with you the best techniques to use to reduce stress in the office, at an…

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event technology

Four Interactive Technologies Event Attendees Want To Use

Here we round up the top five uses for technologies in events, not just as a gimmick but as a matter of convenience or as a tool to engage your…

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