It’s All About The Immersive Experience

To maximise your event engagement and amplify your marketing results in 2019 you can’t go past creating an immersive experience for your attendees. Why Immersive? Multi Sensory events are very…

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Up on their feet

How To Create A Stunning Multi Sensory Event

Multi sensory events are joyful for the audience because the impact of the senses can overwhelming. Sensory reactions are translated in to emotional responses and such strong emotions create strong…

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A Modern Fairytale: The Most Irresistible Pre-event Hooks

If, like the rest of us, you don’t have access to the HRH’s for your event pre-promotion we have some ideas for how to make sure your event sells out…

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Nelly Robinson

5 Minutes With Nelly Robinson

Nelly Robinson is a master of creating an all-encompassing dining experience, one with a sense of humour at that. He is executive chef and owner of Sydney hot spot nel….

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Blowing Your Advocacy Events Out Of The Water By Deploying Experience And Education

Advocacy events have changed. Instead of corralling potential brand advocates in to a room and reeling off product highlights, we are flipping the script. The focus is now on getting…

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Including the bricks in the dinner service

Deliver An Event With Sky High ROI Every Time

Every client wants amazing ROI and to extract as much as possible out of their events, we make this happen by infusing every guest interaction with branded and experiential elements. Trust…

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Lauren Webster

5 Minutes With Lauren Webster

We love coming across a new local talent!  Lauren Webster is a Sydneysider with her work springing up all over the place, covering a wide variety of collaborations and commissions….

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The Step-And-Repeat Gets An Upgrade

Events are an opportunity like none other to get your logo, and the meaning behind it, in front of your target audience. At Event Emporium we make sure that our…

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Improve Your Supplier Network In A Few Clicks

Facebook and Instagram can be great tools for building your professional network if you take the time to curate your feed. We share our top six creative and innovative thinkers…

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female entrepreneur week

Female Entrepreneurs In Events

Earlier this month we joined Tank Stream Labs in celebration of entrepreneurs at Female Entrepreneur Week. The events industry is renowned as a female-friendly environment; we have above average representation…

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