Apply Pressure Here

events under pressure

You’ve heard it before, diamonds are rocks put under pressure.

That is often how the creative process works, the most incredible events are created under the pressure of deadlines and short lead times. We thrive on this at Event Emporium.

“There’s nothing like the crackle of excitement in the air when we get asked to pitch for a brilliant new event with only a few weeks to plan it” Says Francesca Peskops, Creative Director of Event Emporium. “Our entire office is buzzing and we are so used to tight deadlines we don’t even blink when asked to pull off an event for a major tech brand in under eight weeks.”

We have perfected the ability to produce the goods in the tightest of timelines. Our clients get big ideas and perfectly executed events every time whether we get three weeks, three months, or three years to plan it.

“Short time lines are not an issue if you really know your audience and know what you need to do knock it out of the park. We recently had some incredible media coverage for a gadget launch we organised in under three weeks!” Says Francesca. “Creating a pre-event buzz and executing a memorable reveal really nailed the brief and our client was very appreciative of what we pulled off in just a few weeks”.

So how do we ensure bright ideas bubble to the top quickly?


– We block time out for to brainstorm individually and then as a group, then ensure we regroup again after we have sat on the creative ideas for a few hours.

– Steer away from mainstream ‘trends’ on Pinterest and Instagram.

– We stay calm and trust that our team has the expertise and experience to create something incredible.

– Get to know your creative headspace. Do you get into a better creative flow when you’re walking or listening to music or even drawing on a whiteboard?

– We have our processes in place to ensure quality and that our clients will have peace of mind throughout the process.


Sometimes tight deadlines can’t be helped, we know that, we ensure every client brief gets the creativity and oomph it deserves.

Francesca Peskops