5 Mins With Contemporary Hotels

Contemporary hotels

We chat with Terry Kaljo, from Contemporary Hotels, and get some serious house envy in the process…

Event Emporium: Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

Terry: I am the CEO and founder of Contemporary Hotels. The company specialises in providing luxury accommodation. We have 100 properties including, boutiques hotels, villas, beach houses, luxury apartments and country estates.

EE: I’ve seen the pictures, they are stunning properties! What do you offer that makes you unique from other hotel or home rental sites?

T: We have been providing bespoke accommodation experiences for 18 years and have a reputation for providing and delivering the best – exceptional service and beautiful properties. Our growing collection includes properties in Australia and now overseas. Each property is chosen for its sense of place – premium location, architecture, interior architecture, functionality and aspect.

We pride ourselves in our professional approach from the early booking process to check-in to check out – and beyond. We understand perfection in the total experience.

EE: How do you helps brands find the right location for their events?

T: The website is informative and visual and our team are helpful and knowledgeable. We have had years of experience and a great reputation. We are always striving to provide new ideas and services, we are people, people – good communication is our foundation focus.

EE: What kinds of events has your company hosted recently?

T: We specialise in small to medium corporate events where a beautiful interior or a view can enhance the product or service. We have partners in catering, set decoration and service if required.

EE: If you had to pick a favourite property which would it be?

T: As we are always adding properties my favourites change regularly, this month I love ‘La Piscine’ in Sydney. With it’s gorgeous location overlooking Sydney harbour, beautiful interior, large viewing decks, sunny northern aspect, convenient location and huge swimming pool – it is the perfect  backdrop of almost anything!

EE: No arguments here!

Francesca Peskops