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Sharm at Ovations is a very familiar name in the Australian events industry.

We love working with Sharm as she gives us a clear point of view on what speakers fit what topics the best and how to utilise them well. We spent 5 minutes with Sharm recently to ask her opinion on what’s HOT for 2020!

Event Emporium: You work with a diverse range of clients at Ovations Sharm so I imagine you would have some strong thoughts about future trends in the world of conference keynotes for 2020. Tell us your Top 20 for 2020. 

Thanks Fiona. Well based on our observations and working with clients and professional presenters within Australia across the globe here are our Top 20 picks for 2020 topics:


  1. LEADERSHIP – is a consistent topic that stands the test of time and 2020 will be no different.  We are seeing expectations of our leaders change as we seek capable, authentic and strong leadership. People are looking for leaders whom they can trust and are inspired to follow. Colin James is the main man that comes to mind as a top Leadership Speaker.


  1. TECHNOLOGY – The trend continues – everything digital, disruption, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Blockchain ,Cyber Security, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Robotics, cloud computing, internet of things, nano-technology. Peter Williams is stil our most requested speaker on technology innovation.


  1. RESILIENCE – Personal and organisational resilience are 2 of the most powerful traits leaders need in today’s world. Kamal Sarma provides practical strategies to develop resilience and mindfulness to sustain personal and company performance.


  1. TRUST AND ETHICS Trust, integrity and workplace ethics will remain on the forefront for leaders, staff and customers.  Regaining trust where it has been lost and ethical business practices. We recommend David Penglase.


  1. FUTURE & INNOVATION – Business, social, industry and consumer trends. Futurists have been widely featured on conference programmes and that trend is set to continue into this decade.  What trends will stimulate innovation and drive our behaviour and business. How do we incorporate into our business?  What can we learn from outside our industry and apply within. Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a global futurist and innovation expert.


  1. HUMAN CAPABILITY – Unlike the technology around us our brains haven’t received an upgrade Emotional Intelligence is a determining factor in our success and helps with our self-management, social awareness and managing social interactions and relationships.   Helping people to master digital productivity and technology but avoid depletion and overwhelm. We recommend Bard Papegaaji.


  1. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE We expect exceptional, convenient and personalised customer experiences. Major global companies have shifted our expectations.  The service we receive and every interaction we have with a person or platform is being rated and shared.  Building customer loyalty and increasing profits through CX has never been so important. Amanda Stevens is a stand out!


  1. SALES – We are all in sales, whether we need sell either a service, product or others on our idea. In most cases humans contribute to the greatest part of our sales success. How to find, win and keep business. Josh Norbido has a spell binding keynote that maintains the focus of a sales team.


  1. HEALTH & WELLNESS – The importance of both physical and mental health which tie into our performance, development and productivity. In a connected 24/7 world that moves fast, and expectations are high.   How do we manage our physical and mental state to operate at our best? Mark Bunn is the Master!


  1. PEOPLE & PURPOSE – The fabric of the organisations we work for has never mattered more or been under such scrutiny. Growing and sustaining a positive culture that supports people and performance can be a complex equation. People are seeking out meaningful work with a purpose. We recommend Phill Nosworthy.


  1. DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – Creating a stronger and more creative workforce through diversity and inclusion. Tamerlaine Beasley has the credentials.


  1. INFLUENCE – What and who infleunces us has changed. How do you become the respected “go to” person in your industry in this highly connected and visible world.  What does it take to cut through the noise, be seen and make the right impact as an individual, leader or organisation? Julie Masters is a global influencer.


  1. WOMEN IN BUSINESS – We want to see and hear more of them! Pippa Hallas does this every day!


  1. ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE –  Australia’s Bushfire crisis has obviously reinforced the importance of this topic. Climate change, alternative energies, going carbon neutral, pollution, environmental degradation.  Preserving our ecosystem and the impact and preservation for future generations. Future Crunch have the most engaging and interactive presentation.


  1. ATTENTION ECONOMY & MARKETING – Who and what influences us has dramatically changed over the last 10 years. The power is shifting from brands to consumers who no longer want to be “sold” to.  It has never been easier to connect but how do you cut through all the noise and get noticed in this competitive “attention economy”. When it comes to social media and marketing, which platforms are best and how do we effectively use them? Penny Burke is highly credible.


  1. OVERCOMING ADVERSITY – The story tellers who inspire us with their humanity. People who touch are hearts and minds that we can relate to and inspire us to step up in our own business and lives. Judy and Tim Sharp are exclusive to Ovations they are that good!


  1. ECONOMY – How will the future economy continue to grow with technology driven and productivity improvements. Global and local politics and policies and their impact. Looking at the economy today to operate successfully and plan for future business. Stephen Koukoulas is a non-biased financial expert.


  1. CEO/ENTREPRENUERS – We want to hear more from people who have practical and real world experience in starting and running successful businesses. People who have successfully grown a business and brand and is adapting to the challenges and trends of today. Kate Morris is a CEO and tells a great story.


  1. COMMUNICATION & CONNECTION: In a world of complexity and change your ability to communicate and connect with the right impact is vital. Dr Louise Mahler is who we recommend.


  1. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Understanding the importance and implementing CSR within business. Have a positive social impact and creating programmes within business to support teams to participate in CSR initiatives. Peter Baines tells the most authentic story of CSR impact and highly credible.

20 of the BEST for sure…

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